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Fiction on the fringe of Gary Starta

Fact Sheet-Press Release
Gods of the Machines
Gods of the Machines, a blend of science fiction, mystery and romance, publishes August 26, 2010 from Gypsy Shadow Publishing in e-book and print formats. Author Gary Starta envisions Earth’s first colonization effort in the Andromeda Galaxy in the early 25th century. Best intentions to make the planet paradise go awry when murders plague the colonists. Transplanted from Virginia PD to work as a detective on the new planet, Det. Sam Benson approaches the killing spree as if he were back on Earth. But he soon finds his crime scene skills are seriously deficient on this technologically based world. Artificial intelligence protects the planet from radiation and humankind’s first sentient androids may soon enjoy rights as citizens.

Benson’s frustration and ruthless nature threaten to bring the planet to the brink of annihilation when he begins profiling. He suspects a non-human is responsible—an android who once shared engrams with a psychopathic human. However, the detective doesn’t know other non-humans once called his new world—theirs. And as Benson obsesses with making a case against the android, he is oblivious to their return and the reason why they consider machines to be their gods.

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Author biography:
Gary Starta is a former journalist who studied English and Journalism at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst.
His love for science fiction compelled him to write his first novel 'What Are You Made Of? ' in 2006. Inspired by Isaac Asimov, the science fiction novel focuses on intelligent artificial life and whether sentient androids should possess the same rights as humans. The androids in Starta's novel are created as hybrids - part machine, part human - further blurring the line between human and machine. Starta foresees a near future where humans will be forced to decide if intelligent machinery is indeed a life form. Possibly, in this near future, some humans will possess computer enhancements to overcome disabilities becoming hybrids themselves. The line between biological life form and mechanical life form will continue to challenge humanity in ‘Gods of the Machines’ released in 2010.
• Paperback: 276 pages
• Publisher: Gypsy Shadow Publishing Company (August 26, 2010)
• Language: English
• ISBN-10: 098445215X
• ISBN-13: 978-0984452156

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